February 6 – 7, 2025 | Bangalore

The Biggest generative AI Conference in India

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MLDS is the premier Generative AI conference, where India's top innovators and practitioners in the field of artificial intelligence will converge to exchange their insights and experiences. This conference will highlight the revolutionary impact of generative AI models, showcasing the latest tools and advancements in this rapidly evolving domain.

MLDS 2025

The event is designed to offer attendees an exclusive glimpse into the emerging trends and developer products that are setting the stage for the next wave of AI-powered innovation. With a focus on practical applications and forward-looking research, the conference promises to be a vital meeting point for those at the cutting edge of machine learning and generative AI.

Join us as we dive into deep discussions on the transformative potential of generative AI, from creating advanced, natural language models to pioneering new frontiers in creative and design fields.

When & Where

Thursday to Friday
February 6 – 7, 2025

NIMHANS Convention Center, Bengaluru, India

What to expect

3 Tracks over 2 days –

  • Keynotes/ Tech talks (Hall 1)
  • Tech Talks/ workshops (Hall 2)
  • Paper Presentation (Hall 3)

Besides – Mentoring sessions, Hackathon, Awards, Exhibition, Live Coding, Competitions & a lot more

Our 2024 Speakers

Viswanathan Anand

Viswanathan Anand

Former Five-time World Chess Champion
Prince Paulraj

Prince Paulraj

Head of Chief Data Office at AT&T, India
Rajat Pandit

Rajat Pandit

Head of Customer Engineering - Digital Natives and Startups at Google
Jaspreet Bindra

Jaspreet Bindra

Founder and MD of Tech Whisperer Ltd

Rahul Bhattacharya

Rahul Bhattacharya

GDS Technology Consulting – Artificial Intelligence (AI) Leader at EY Global Delivery Services India
Chirag Jain

Chirag Jain

Vice President, AI/ML Practice at Genpact
George Kuruvilla

George Kuruvilla

Chief Data Platform Evangelist, International at SingleStore
Farhan Choudhary

Farhan Choudhary

Senior Product Marketing Manager and Evangelism at Snowflake India

Our 2024 Partners

To know more details, write to info@analyticsindiamag.com

Grab your ticket for a unique experience of inspiration, meeting and networking for the AI industry

Book your tickets at the earliest. We have a hard stop at 1000 passes.

Note: Ticket Pricing to change at any time.

  • Regular Passes

    Available from 16th Dec 2024 till 15th Jan 2024
  • Access to all in-person tracks & workshops
  • Access the recorded sessions later
  • Access to in-person networking with attendees & speakers
  • Conference Lunch for 2 days
  • Group Discount available
  • 10000
  • Late Passes

    Available from 16th Jan 2025 onwards
  • Access to all in-person tracks & workshops
  • Access the recorded sessions later
  • Access to in-person networking with attendees & speakers
  • Conference Lunch for 2 days
  • No Group Discount Available
  • 15000

Agenda for MLDS 2025

generative ai

large language models

prompt engineering

RAG Models

Creative AI

Agenda for MLDS 2025

Enterprise General AI

LLM Architecture

Knowledge-Intensive Tasks

LLM Scalability

Multimodal LLM Integration

Agenda for MLDS 2025

Language Understanding

Conversational AI

Vector Quantization


Transfer Learning

Agenda for MLDS 2025

Code Generation

LLM Fine-tuning

Semantic Search

40 under 40 data scientists awards

40Under40 is an attempt towards recognizing the leading data scientists in India who have successfully transformed data into meaningful insights.

2025 nominations are OPEN.

The Biggest generative ai conference in india

call for papers

MLDS will include additional programs for technical paper presentations.

The submissions for 2025 are OPEN.

It’s been a bit late to post this but I have to say what an event it really was (Machine Learning Developers Summit’23), after COVID the first time this event happened without virtual meeting and the interaction was also amazing by Data Scientists & Machine learning engineers/ enthusiasts, thanks to AIM

Het Patel


Attended the brilliant and insightful #MLDS2023. The sessions, talks, presentations and workshops were engaging and knowledgeable, a very enriching experience.

Arijit Gayen


Attending the Machine Learning Summit 2023 in Bangalore was an incredible opportunity for me to deepen my understanding of the latest advancements and trends in the field. The keynote speakers were inspiring and provided valuable insights, and I had the chance to network with many other professionals and experts in the industry. I am excited to apply what I have learned to my work and continue to stay ahead of the curve in the field of machine learning.



Michelin is glad to be a part of the Machine Learning Developers Summit (MLDS) 2023 which concluded last week in Bangalore, India. The summit comprised of numerous keynote sessions by industry experts.


“Generative AI is the most powerful tool for creativity that has ever been created. It has the potential to unleash a new era of human innovation.”

~ Elon Musk