February 6 to 7, 2025 | Bangalore

Call for Papers

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The purpose of the MLDS is to promote research in artificial intelligence (AI) and foster scientific exchange between researchers, practitioners, scientists, academicians, and engineers in AI and its affiliated disciplines.

MLDS 2025

MLDS will continue the tradition of the previous edition with invited speakers, workshops, tutorials, poster sessions, senior member presentations, competitions, and exhibit programs, all selected according to the highest standards. MLDS will also include additional programs for technical paper presentations.

The submissions for 2025 are open.


MLDS welcomes submissions reporting research that advances artificial intelligence, broadly conceived. The conference scope includes Generative AI. We expressly encourage work that cuts across technical areas or develops AI techniques in the context of important application domains, such as healthcare, sustainability, transportation, and commerce.

Abstract and Paper Submission

Abstract submission will close on Dec 3, 2024

Final paper submission will close on Dec 10 2024

Camera-ready final submission deadline: 24 Dec, 2024

Authors should include a full title for their paper, as well as a complete abstract in the fields provided. Author name(s) and organization/institution should be provided clearly. Submissions that have “placeholder” (test, xyz, etc.) titles or abstracts (or none at all) will not be accepted.

All the selected Abstracts would be contacted by MLDS team and they are required to send across the final paper.

Final Papers must be in trouble-free, high-resolution PDF format, formatted for US Letter (8.5″ x 11″) paper, using Type 1 or TrueType fonts. Submissions may have up to 8 pages with page 8 containing nothing but references. The last page of final papers may contain text other than references, but all references in the submitted paper should appear in the final version unless superseded.

The selected papers will be published in Lattice, The AI Journal by Association of Data Scientists.

Policy Concerning Submissions to Other Conferences or Journals

MLDS will not consider any paper that, at the time of submission, is under review for or has already been published or accepted for publication in a journal or another conference.

Once submitted to MLDS, authors may not submit the paper elsewhere during MLDS’s review period. These restrictions apply only to refereed journals and conferences, not to unrefereed forums (e.g. arXiv.org) or workshops with a limited audience and without archival proceedings.

Authors must confirm that their submissions conform to these requirements at the time of submission.

Conference Registration and Attendance

At least one author is required to be available to present the paper.
Conference Presentation During paper presentation, authors will have to use Powerpoint. You will receive 20-minute oral presentation at MLDS. The timing/ slot for the same will be communicated to you beforehand.

All submitted papers would be printed as a compendium and shared with MLDS attendees.

Please make your submission below:

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The Biggest Generative ai conference in india

call for papers

MLDS will include additional programs for technical paper presentations.

The submissions for 2025 are open.

Reaching the summit was just the beginning. The real reward is the journey and the memories made along the way. We couldn’t have missed such a valuable opportunity to learn and network with the best in the field.

Sakthivel Senthilkumar

Nunnari(நுண்ணறி) Labs

I spent the last 2 days attending the Machine Learning Developers Summit 2023 organised by Analytics India Magazine in association with Google Cloud. The 2-day event consisted of Panel Discussions, Knowledge Talks, Paper Presentations and Hackathons and it was a wonderful opportunity to listen to and learn from some of the best minds in the business.

Shreemoyee Sanyal

Infosys Consulting

Attending #MLDS2023 was such an incredible experience! I learned so much about how various companies are leveraging AI/ML, deep learning, big data, enterprise solutions, wearables, robots, edge computing, data ethics, voice technology innovation, and accessibility to re-shaping today’s world and tomorrow’s universe. Despite the pandemic challenges, it’s amazing to see how innovation has not been stalled – but rather accelerated. Innovation was at its peak at #MLDS2023

Jatinder Singh


What a great time to be at Machine Learning Developer Summit – 2023 !!! It’s hard to list each and every session, but if you are working in Machine Learning MLDS is the place to connect with other Data Scientists across India and discuss the challenges and how to overcome them by working together.

Sanket Waghmare


“Generative models are changing the way we think about machine intelligence and creativity, and have the potential to transform industries from media to finance to healthcare.”

~Oriol Vinyals, Research Scientist at Google